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Pre-exhibition booth image evaluation: [Validation studio]
T-SPACE Trial Space Dedicated validation studio

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We simulate exhibition booths at the validation studio [T-SPACE] located next door to the DAIWA head office factory, allowing the overall image to be validated in advance.

Exhibition booths are temporarily assembled at our [T-SPACE] (Trial Space) built adjacent to the DAIWA head office factory, providing a validation studio where quality checks and prototype model studies can be conducted prior to actual events being held, and pre-construction validations can be carried out for permanent facilities such as stores and showrooms.
The validation studio allows customers to gauge the visibility of the products they are exhibiting or selling, and the material quality from different heights and angles, as well as determine the perfect lighting. Customers can use their own eyes to check aspects that can be difficult to imagine in two-dimensional drawings or manufacturing drawings.
This facility allows DAIWA to guarantee that everything will go smoothly at the site, and to offer a high-quality service.

T-SPACE Trial Space Dedicated validation studio

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