We aim to be a company that is indispensable to society.

DAIWA was founded in April, 1961 by my late father, Isao Ichihashi, and was primarily involved in preparing decorations for exhibitions and private viewings held by the many textile wholesalers located in the Honmachi and Chojamachi areas of Nagoya at that time.

DAIWA received support from our many influential customers at the time. One of the reasons for this was the good sense and high quality of our work. But more than that, I believe that it has been our commitment to service based on the principals of sincerity towards customers and always placing the customer first that has helped build the excellent reputation we enjoy today.

The knowledge gained from our clients in the textile industry over many years was responsible for giving us the fashionable and highly refined design sense that we have today. Over time, we have built up a deep trust from our diverse client base in a variety of fields. In an attempt to further deepen this trust in response to clients' expectations, we attained ISO14001 for environmental management in 2004, and ISO9001 for quality in 2007, and have been striving toward both the "creation of space with high level of completion" and the "creation of customer satisfaction".

I believe that companies cannot expect to survive without keeping a firm hold of the startup spirit they held when first establishing their businesses, and constantly evolving with the demands of the times.

In particular, as with the exhibition display industry, it is crucial that we provide indirect support for our customers' business and cultural activities through space creation, and in such industry sectors that support our customers' prosperity and success. We are unstinting in our daily efforts to improve our skills. I believe that the creation of space with value can not only raise levels of customer satisfaction, but also helps contribute to society. Being necessary to everyone is my dream.

CEO Masayuki Ichihashi

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